The Square Deal

Writer/Director: Jidobi Chime

A middle class African-American family struggles to understand one another as they try keep up the façade of financial stability.


Writer/Director: Jidobi Chime

An experimental film about the trials and triumph that two women face running an orange juice stand while simultaneously figuring out the layers of themselves that they'd rather have peeled off.


Writer/Directors: Lola Kenet, Jidobi Chime & Nile Garcia

An anthology film told through a spoken word narrative, chronicling the mental states of three filmmakers while under the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

goose nightmare

Writer/Director: Nile Garcia

A young boy, trapped in a nightmare, battles the darker side of his psyche to overcome the fears that linger and torment him.

The Hardest PilL

Writer/Director: Jidobi Chime

A single mother submits into a downward spiral fueled by a drug addiction and a tulmultuous relationship with her son.


Writer/Director: Jidobi Chime


An intimate tale of two young men as they form a friendship based on shared feelings of the fear that comes with vulnerability.

TAll for nothing

Writer/Director: Jidobi Chime

An insistent father pressures his artistically-inclined son into pursuing basketball because of his height and their family's legacy.